Discussion Questions for The Best Lies

  1. At the start of the book, Vera states “the truth always comes out with these things.” Do you think this is true? Are most people, by nature, honest? How did Elise’s lies shape the story?

  2.  What was your first impression of Elise? How did that change throughout the novel?

  3. A constant mantra of Remy’s is “I am seventeen years old. This won’t last forever.” Do you think youth makes people more reckless? Or do you think the lack of freedom as well as other pressures youth feel makes them feel the need to rebel?

  4. If the book was written from another one of the Deadly Viper’s point-of-view, how do you think they’d see Elise? Remy?

  5. How did Remy grow throughout the novel? What do you think her future holds?

  6. The Kill Bill movies play a major role in Remy and Elise’s life. Have you seen them? How do you think they intersect with the storytelling in this work?

  7. Discuss the multi-timeline aspect of the novel. How did you feel “meeting” Jack long after you knew he was going to die in the future? How did your opinion of other characters change throughout the novel?

  8. Love, both romantic and family-based, is discussed throughout the novel. How do you perceive these types of love in your own life?

  9. Who would you cast in a movie of the novel?

  10. What’s the one moment you’ll remember from the novel?