The Best Lies



To say thank you for taking a chance on The Best Lies…

I’m giving away mini-polaroids to the first 100 people who submit receipts of their purchase or library request of the hardcover, e-book, or audiobook of The Best Lies. You will receive one (1) mini-polaroid that will feature an object of your choice: the book itself, the lollipop, or the lighter. Each photo will also include a handwritten quote from the book on the back (your choice from the options below) as well as my signature. Open internationally.

Handwritten quote options:

“What if it was the truth that required a lie?”

“Trauma has a gravity of its own and it’ll never, ever let you go.”

“We were a forest fire, wild and full of rage.”

Submit your receipt to with your name and address. Please include which object and which quote you’d like.


Will I get to choose the object in the mini-polaroid?

Yes, but only from the three options listed above. Please make a note of which object you’d like me to use in your email.

Can I choose another favorite quote that’s not one of the options?

Maybe. It’ll depend on how long it is. Please send the specific quote as well as the page number from the book, and I’ll try my best to make it work.

Do I get all three polaroids?

No, just one.

Is this only for preorders?

Nope. Preorders and pre-publication date library requests are fine, but so are orders and library requests/checkouts after the publication date.

E-book or audiobook okay?


Library hold requests or checkouts okay?


Hey, that’s not a Polaroid!

Ha, yes, it’s technically a Fujifilm instax mini.